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Last Update
December 19, 2011
Understanding and enjoying Indonesia

This site is designed to share the interest of Indonesia in understanding its cultures and its people.

It is also intended to prepare any of you who plan to travel to Indonesia to discover that among rice fields, equatorial forest, near volcanoes live 200 million of Indonesians originated from 336 ethnic groups and influenced by an influx of peoples from China, Arabia, Indochina and Europe.
 Religions are also diversified, major part of the population is Muslim but Hindus Buddhists and Christians are present in all islands.

If you are ready to join us in this remote Asian country, welcome to this different land which is split in thousands of islands where you will find places you will never forget like Bali, Java, Lombok, Bromo, Sumatra Tanatoraja, Komodo,. Timor or Flores. 



BALI: DENPASAR FESTIVAL DECEMBER 28-31, 2011 , updated December 19th, 2011. This year`s Denpasar festival will focus on more creative packaging to avoid monotony in the annual event, ...
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GAMALAMA ERUPTION CAUSES MUDFLOW (TERNATE) , updated December 15th, 2011. The legendary Gamalama volcano (1715m) on Ternate island had experience of at least 70 eruptions over the past five centuries and the activities were well recorded by early explorers., ...
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"INT'L SAND FESTIVAL IN BOGOR (Dec. 11 -Jan. 12) , updated December 5th, 2011. Winmark Mendawai Indonesia and World Sand Sculpting Academy (WSSA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Sentul City will hold an international sand sculpture festival in Sentul, Bogor, West Java, ...
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"KAMPUNG HALAMAN" RECEIVES AWARD FROM MICHELE OBAMA , updated November 17, 2011. Yogyakarta-based organization "Kampung Halaman", which instructs youth on technical skills in video production and filmmakers, received the President`s Council National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award ...
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SAIL KOMODO SCHEDULED FOR 2013 , updated November 9, 2011. East Nusa Tenggara Governor said a Sail Komodo event will be organized in 2013 to draw foreign tourists to the province`s islands. ...
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PREHISTORIC ARTIFACTS IN SUMATRA , updated November 6, 2011. More and more prehistoric artifacts have been surfacing in Indonesia`s islands from Sumatra to Papua over the years, ...
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GOVERNMENT SERIOUS IN DEVELOPING PAPUA , updated November 4, 2011. Indonesian Chief Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto said the government was serious in developing Papua province.He said the government`s seriousness was reflected in the issuance of special autonomy and the acceleration of development in Papua and West Papua, so that it would not lag behind other provinces ...
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INTER-RELIGIOUS HARMONY IN INDONESIA , updated November 3, 2011. Indonesia was formed on the basis of an agreement among all the elements of the country`s society that were of various religious and ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, Vice President Boediono at a function to open the 10th Indonesian Mahasabha Parisada Hindu Dharma meeting in the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Sunday ...
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ORANGUTANS STILL KILLED FOR FOODS , updated November 1, 2011. A study conducted by a NGO (non governmental organization) reveals, that the killing of orangutans included in the category of endangered animals, continues. Researchers made a survey by involving 6972 people interviewed in 698 villages ...
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KOMODO ISLAND TO COMPETE FOR THE NEW7WONDERS , updated OCTOBER 31st, 2011. Komodo is in the short list of finalists for the New7wonders of the Nature. Anyone who would like to participate can do it by signing-up on the new7wonders web site and vote by selecting 7 out of the 28 finalists...
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EARTHQUAKE OF MAGNITUDE 7.6 STRIKES WEST SUMATRA , on September 30th, 2009. The City of Padang was hardly hurt. For the time being the casualties are 526 people killed.
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ALERT FOR THE ANAK KRAKATAU On July 3, 2008 high volcanic activity resumed on the Anak Krakatau.
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