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Anggun, biography of an Indonesian Girl

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When she was in her teens, Anggun Cipta Sasmi- her name means "a grace created in a dream"- was already one of Indonesia's best-selling rock singers.

Today she shares her life between Paris and Montreal, Canada, after staying few years in Paris were she released her international pop debut, Snow on the Sahara, which was featured in a worldwide campaign for the watch manufactuer Swatch. The album was a tremendous success, in France, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Finland.

Born on April 29, 1974, in Jakarta,Anggun was the second child and first daughter of an artist, Darto Singo, and a housewife who was from a noble Javanese family.
She was raised in Yogyakarta, the capital city of Central Java, known for still being the center of Indonesian Art.
Her father did not want her to have a conventional education. So he sent her to a Catholic School where she learnt English.

She started singing at the age of 9, encouraged by her parents and her career was taken in charge by her father.


After few years of successes when she was 19 , attracted by the Western world, she left Indonesia on a flight to London.
She was looking for new challenges ans curiuos to know how was the life on the other part of the ocean.
But it was tough adjusting to the drastic changes from Jakarta to London.
"I hated everything," she says. "I didn't connected with the atmosphere in London.
"I was too naive to believe that I could live in London by myself. In addition life was terribly expensive, the cooking awfull, and it was raining too much.". She moved for a short while to Amsterdam, where a large Indonesian community is established.

Finally she moved again and landed in Paris.

She lived in Paris for six  years, she learnt and now speaks fluent French.
" It was love at first sight!" she confirms. "The city was absolutely breathtaking and inspiring. The weather was less rainy. Everywhere I went, it welcomed me. Suddenly I felt at home."


She established in Montreal (Canada) for few years afftrwards. She is now back to Paris and lives in Monmartre, the arstist's area of the city of Paris, with Cyril Montana, a novelist.

On January 2008, Kirana, her first baby was born and she is now an happy and delighted mother.


The fame of Anggun and her glamour attracted the prestigious swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet and proposed to the singer a contract till 2009 to promote their exclusive watches, that in addition to be high standard mechanism, look alike jewels. On a photo here below, Anggun is wearing an Arborer from the Millenary Collection.


Anggun Audemars Piguet

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