beach of Komodo Island, Indonesia East Nusa Tenggara

beach of Komodo Island, Indonesia East Nusa Tenggara

Kupang (ANTARA News) – East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Governor Frans Lebu Raya said a Sail Komodo event will be organized in 2013 to draw foreign tourists to the province`s isles.

Foreign tourists should visit the small islands with their beautiful natural and cultural attractions, get to know the local people and understand their traditions, the governor said here on Thursday.

komodo dragon East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Komodo's dragon in the East Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia

The Sail Komodo 2013 is expected to attract foreign tourists to stay for few days in NTT`s isles, and make them as touristic destinations in the future, according to the governor.

The proposed international marine event would be called Sail Komodo because Komodo has become globally known by its inclusion as a finalist in the New7Wonders of Nature competition, he said.

komodo island beach East Nusatenggara Indonesia

Komodo island beach East Nusatenggara Indonesia

“Up to August 2011, some 32,354 foreign tourists visited the Komodo national park while the number of domestic tourists who came to the island was 4,145, up from 2,955 in 2010,” the deputy governor said recently.

In order to run well, then it should be prepared well. These event will express many attractive sightseeing in East Nusa Tenggara. Good place for diving, snorkeling while you can also make an adventure journey in Komodo National Park. Colourful coral reefs supported with abundant marine life will be good travel experience for tourist who visit Komodo island and marine park.

komodo beachEast Nusa Tenggara

Another beach of the Komodo Islands

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  1. East Nusa Tenggara Tourism Board
    Kami sangat bangga dng ada nya Sail Komodo

  2. siprianus Jemalur says:

    Sail komodo hendaknya dilakukan untuk kesejahteraan masyarakat bukan untuk kesejahteraan elite pemerintah lokal dan corporat lokal dan nasional..

  3. rasyid lubis says:

    tanggal dan bulan berapa sail komodo di selenggarakan,,,,apa ada stan kosong untuk pameran di sail komodo. mohon infonya ????

  4. sirilus ligu says:

    I hope,sail komodo have more meaning for NTT Tourism especially Flores tourism and bring more influence.

    • Yohanes Don Bosko says:

      Mari kita sukseskan sail komodo tahun ini,semoga dapat bermanfaat buat masyarakat sekitar,dalam meningkatkan pertumbuhan ekonomi masyarakat khususnya manggarai barat

  5. franco says:

    sail Komodo does”t big deal to change become good life for the local people who live near to komodo island.

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