Indonesian People: Women and Men

As I studied the students' features, in which the common denominators seemed to be straight jet-black hair, large and liquid black eyes, flat noses and wide, toothy and charming smiles, one of my cherisehed preconceptions about Far East was exploded: here at least were no inscrutable and impassive Orientals but young people full of gaiety and restlessness, whose free and open expressions presented no amsk to the world-a world where a mask was no longer needed. Their complexions varied from rich brown, sometimes with a delicate bluish bloom like a plum, to a lovely golden tan, such as our pallid socialites vainly pursue in long and expensive sojourns on the Riviera; but with normal human cussedness they in their turn admired and strove after our enviable Northern pallor.

From Flowering Lotus
A view of Java in the 50's by Harold Foster

>ANGGUN, an Indonesian Girl in Paris

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